Welcome to my blog!

This blog lets you find out how to get free stuff on stardoll. I spend a lot of time looking for free items and I will write them down here. I am trying my best to this blog. Enjoy! I'm not sure about the proxy problem for contests cause I live in UK and entered a Brazilian contest so I'm not sure yet! I will put them down though. THIS BLOG IS UK SUPPORTED!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Hey dollies!
I do not want to start my blog with slightly bad news, but I have to...OK, the best and biggest stardoll blog has been closed. Entries are no longer added. Due to this, I decided to react back. I am looking for items myself, and I am writing them down here. I bet this blog will be as helpful to you as the other one. As you know, this blog has UK items ONLY. Oh, by the way I bet you'll enjoy this.

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